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Do you feel nostalgic sometime?

*Do you feel nostalgic sometime?*

​​There are two kinds of nostalgia.

One feels like it happened just yesterday,

The other feels like it happened ages ago.

And you miss them both.

One is a silent whisper, the other is a loud cry.

One gently pats your back, while you drive along your old school. 

The other hits you hard, while you notice dust on photo frames hanging on walls of your living room.

You give up on one. You hold on to other.

Life is nothing but a honeycomb of old stories, some taste as sweet as nectar while others sting bad as bees.

And you visit them often and miss them both.

And you love them both.


Why you don’t have to be sad anymore

I messaged one of my best friends on WhatsApp, Hey! Good morning… How are you.. And then she says she’s fine but couldn’t sleep well last night because of an urgent project delivery. Then I speak about how I woke up late, missed gym and skipped breakfast. We rant about how boring, hectic, and difficult our lives are.

Then our conversation takes a positive turn when we hope that everything will be alright, let’s just work hard and meet someday on weekend. And said goodbye.

But deep inside we both are really sad. We are waiting for something extraordinary happen to our lives.

Why are we sad, there’s no specific reason.. Just a perpetual gloom.

I realise, it’s just our attitude which makes us feel so. It’s our mind which is over thinking, nothing else. Our life is one of the most fortunate ones.

My mind doesn’t agree yet. Let me list down the positives and negatives.

  1. We have a family which cares for us every single day.
  2. We have a mother who gets up before us every day, prepares food and leaves for work.
  3. We have a father who is often working off station but never misses a day when he asks if we reached home safe.
  4. We have our grandparents who love us unconditionally.
  5. We have loving siblings, cousins, and friends who make our life worth living.
  6. We have good health, sound body.
  7. We have been well educated
  8. We have a stable job.
  9. We live in a good city, with all facilities.
  10. We are just 22. We are young and yet to discover many opportunities waiting for us. 
  11. We have time, energy and freedom.

You might also have a special someone who cares a little extra for you 😛 If you don’t, you’ll find one day.

    Ah, I think, I could go on and on. I’ve been such a fool. I’ve got everything.

    Now, I was in metro train, going to office in the morning. I saw a woman, in late 20s. She had only two fingers in her each hand and feet. And still she was happy. It seemed like she was going to office too. And this gave me all courage to write this article and remember this day forever.

    It is true. Our generation is blessed with all conveniences. Our parents and grandparents worked through hardships back then. To us, everything is available so easily. 

    All we need to do is focus and be determined for our goal.

    Now I promise, everyday I will thank God for this beautiful life and my family. You should too.

    Don’t be sad unnecessarily. Be happy. Be normal. Be motivated. Life will come to you on its own.

    I will share following mantra:

    • Don’t think about negatives, only positives
    • Be thankful for everything
    • Utilise your time, never stop learning
    • Value people in your life, you don’t know when one leaves
    • Trust God, trust yourself
    • Have patience and work for the best

    Your life is already good. You are alive. You are blessed. Have a great day sunshine!

    For those who are away from home

    When I met you, I knew I was home.

    You smelled like home. 

    We sat, we ate, we talked, we laughed.

    Days, months passed. We had the best time of our lives. 

    Then you had to leave. It was important. I cried, oh badly I cried.

    But I had faith, that you’ll be soon home. And then I’ll be soon home.

    ​Today I learnt it’s not always about lovestories between a girls and a boys.

    So, what happened today. I woke up and was missing my grandmother. So I thought I should message her. I quickly opened my WhatsApp and search for her contact. To what I saw, I had tears in my eyes. She had put up my childhood’s picture as her display picture on WhatsApp. She never asks for anything, me, my time. But for her, I am still that four year old boy, waiting for his treat, whom she ran to and hugged so tight.

    At the end of the day, home isn’t a place.  It is a feeling.

    Home isn’t a set house, or a single dot on a map. Home isn’t a four walled space. 

    It is wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. It is where you’re safe, where you’re loved. 

    It is where you find light when all grows dark.

    Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.

    Some people are home today. Near, far, where ever. And we all are soon going to be home.

    The Kite Runner 

    Once I was about to leave for college in the morning and my dad suddenly walked up to me and said, Baby don’t do anything wrong that would tarnish the reputation of the family. I was shocked. I smiled and shook my head and left for my classes. 

    Some people have a very friendly relationship with their parents. Mine is not such a case. My parents are not strict on the outside but one thing is sure that they mean what they say. They are sometimes friendly, sometimes very formal. My mother often takes a sarcastic note on my behaviour.

    Also, they don’t tell me what to do and what not to do like typical parents do. They expect me to understand the situation and do the right thing on myself.

    You can fly as high as you want.

    But remember that a flying kite is always bound by its threads. 

    Your parents, who gave you wings and set you free so that you can achieve the sky

    And at the same time they keep you safe from the storm.

    Never forget your roots. 


    Growing up came quickly. 

    This year my friends and I had planned a night out outside main city. It was the first time I really wanted to go outside city with friends and chill. So, I told my parents that I have to attend an event in college which will extend overnight and I’ll stay in hostel. 

    They said, yes. I was amused that they believed on my cooked up story. So, when we actually went for the trip, it went well. We had fun and we were safe. Nothing unusual happened except the fact that I was really guilty that my parents trust me so much and I lied to them for such a stupid one day get away with friends. 

    The cute fact is when I returned home tired, they asked me how the event went and dad worried that I couldn’t sleep well in the hostel. Oh my God. I swear that I felt moment that these guys love me so much and I’m doing all this.

    This incident made me realise the importance I have in their lives and they are in mine.

    And you’re not supposed to look back.

    You’re supposed to be keep going. 

    So, forget whatever mishaps you did. 

    Your parents will always hold your kite and never let go of it. 

    Sometimes you may feel that the thread is broken, 

    but no there might be some bends, 

    but the thread can never break. 

    Family is not a special thing. Family is everything. Family is going to love you no matter how you are, what you do, what you wear, how you speak. Family never judges you. 

    Make your parents feel your presence. They will forget what you said, what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.

    Money can’t buy happiness, but the moments you spend with them, will. 

    When someone says they are busy, you should know how it works. One always has a choice and you’re not a priority. Don’t make your parents feel neglected. 

    Home is a feeling.

    Spend time with grandparents to get their wisdom. Spend time with kids to learn to take life less seriously and being happy without any reason. 

    If your parents had bad day at work, try to give a little extra happiness to them. Be the ocean. Giving away drops won’t change the ocean.
    Finally I’d like to share what I learnt from my parents, they are very simple people. They never spend a penny on themselves but ensure that their kids get the best opportunities and never feel less. 

    Never regret being yourself. Because if you’re truly you then one day people are going to wish they were you.

    Yeah, so you already know which people are more important. Once you start staying close to right people, the wrong one will go away. And believe me, whatever you do, your parents will never disown you.

    Let’s give 2017 a fresh start. Welcome home. 🙂 

    First steps

    You have a story.
    There are words, waiting to be written.

    Everything begins small.
    Your little first steps, to climb up to her.
    Mother, from where all your stories begin.

    You are trying to climb up to her.
    With her open arms, she gently, smiles.
    Doubtless, you rise up.
    Remember, those were your first steps.

    Now, you’re all old, and strong,
    Yet, you fear to climb the stairs of life.
    Why don’t you trust?

    Life is a book.
    Why don’t you travel?
    Why are you struck at the first few pages?

    Let the chaos within burst out.
    Even if you can’t see it, the story is weaving.
    Thread by thread, into the tapestry of life.

    And if words fail, hope remains.
    For years to come, hope whispers, it’ll be better.
    Better, sweeter, happier. Any more?

    You leap through the dark mountains,
    Follow storms. Yet, reach up to the stars.
    Your first steps again. Do they taste the same?

    Soaked in memories, happiness hails.
    While sorrows make a wiser tale.
    Mistakes, faults  — the chapters you accept,
    And do not wish to visit again.

    The story of the fool you were, the story of the fool you are.
    Wrapped up in few words,
    One Adventure, called life.

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    Do you miss your childhood?

    Do you miss your childhood?
    I miss the way we took pleasure in small things.
    Balloons, candies and cookies.
    Even as great things crumbled.

    We did hide-n-seek,
    And peeped through the bushes,
    And danced gaily at celebrations.
    Or laughed away when the other fell.
    Chased away mum for that glass of milk,
    And fancy dad’s return for chocolates.

    To chitter, chatter.
    And be the teacher’s pet.
    Party on getting ten on ten.
    Or those birthday treats.
    Running fast to get the front seat,
    Or take hours to finish the last spoon of mum’s best dish.

    Neither we could control the world around,
    Nor felt the need for it.
    There was not a search for happiness.
    Or hiding away from crying.

    We took the world as it is and smiled.

    Could not walk away from things or people or moments that hurt,Yet took joy in the things that made us happy.

    If you still miss your childhood,
    It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

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    Is there a geek in you?

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by!
    ~The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost
    This is perhaps one of the favorite quote of mine. I just felt like sharing.So coming to the topic, is there any geek in you?
    Wait do you know exactly who is a geek like? Let me open the dictionary of geeks and extrapolate!

    1. 1.
      an unfashionable or socially inept person.
    1. 1.

      engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.

      Now Google says this. Not all exciting! If someone actually a geek would also disagree. :/
      Historically, a geek was a circus person in the sideshow who performed some bizarre feat.

      <But the good news is>

      Lately I’ve been in and around geeks! {Writing this adds a smile on my face :P}
      Geeks are genuine individuals who have an open heart for learning and they are just glued to whatever they’re passionate about! They are not procrastinators or those who waste their time in thinking and not doing!

      I would say, geek is someone who is totally passionate about technology and how it comes alive.
      A geek will not only know about all the cool tech-stuff but dig in more. I mean a geeky guy will not only play games but also create one!

      So geeks are the ones who are analytical and good at understanding stuff, and that too related to technology, which doesn’t click in an ordinary’s mind. So does this mean geeks are extraordinary?
      That’s the word extra, just this word makes you different than a geek!

      There’s a geek in each one of us. Rule of thumb. Like I always say, there’s a poet in each one of us, a geek is also hidden. Came across these little kids doing some cool geeky stuff, I was bewildered, how do they do it!?
      Have  a look!  This kids at Camp-K12 are doing wonders! They are learning technology — the closest thing to magic in 21st century! Agree?

      Kids can learn to code. kids can learn to make android games. Kids can do nearly professional graphic designing!
      Let me take you to the Facebook link. Here.

      Are you surprised? Even I was! I wish I was in 2nd standard at present and had a chance to do these cool things at Camp-K12. Don’t you feel like your childhood missed something, which these kids lucky enough to have.

      I wanna grow up once again! You?

      I’m happy for these kids. There’s a platform to nurture their limitless creativity. Let us too indulge in limitless creativity.
      Think aloud! Think Limitless!

      What’s your pick on this? Let me know.
      And do encourage these kids! they deserve applause!

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    Scribbles on the last pages

    And when the scribbles on the last pages of your book,
    meant a lot more than your story.
    And when it’s not about the ending — happy, or sad.
    It’s about the story.

    So set yourself on fire.
    For one day, you will stumble upon someone,
    who will ignite a spark within you that will never ever die.

    And when such people happen, you’ll know they’re magic!
    And when you’ll never have enough, you’ll ever have an illusion.
    For whom you’ll never stop looking among st the crowd.
    For they are the best chapters of your life.

    (v.) to stir, to touch, to move to tears

    And when deep inside they’d care the most,
    They would pretend they don’t care.
    And when you’ll come across the sad part of the story,

    you will ever come to find–– that they are not always the ones
    whom we spend our lives with.

    It would be too late.

    After all at the end, we all are just stories.
    Each and every soul you meet has to play a part in the story.
    While one may take a chapter, others a line or two.

    The special ones occupy the exclamations, apostrophes, 
    in the happiest sentences of your life.

    And then the fire they ignite, may not be the first or the last.
    But the only one that lasts forever.
    And the only one worth fighting for.

    | So I wonder not how well it starts, but how bad it’s gonna end. |
    That’s the BOOK OF YOUR LIFE. 

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    Someone said, Birthday?

    So it happens to occur that yesterday was my birthday, yay.
    Here’s my birthday prayer, what I felt, precisely :

    Because happiness is true only when shared.
    Because life is too short.
    And loving more makes you feel alive.
    Because laughing out loud,
    Brings back the zeal in you.

    So never do anything that makes you unhappy.
    Because we live each day,
    To fill in the blank spaces in life,
    With the colors from the kaleidoscope of love.

    Yes we are busy, we have priorities,
    But just smiling or doing little things for each other,
    Can make a lot difference.
    Every word has a meaning. And every silence too.
    It’s our little world. And you only live once. Mind that.

    Yes, we may have ups and downs in life,
    Would feel broken. At times shattered.
    Nevertheless we try try try,
    And we try too hard.
    For life shall dance once again.
    For if it’s winters, can spring be far behind?

    People change, memories don’t.
    Birthdays, anniversaries,
    Remind us of all the beautiful memories we have had,
    With all the souls we pass by, year after year.
    And still they bring tears of joy!

    Yes, we have got issues, differences,
    I may be always annoying to some people,
    Or I may find some souls monotonous each day.
    Because things change and people leave.
    Life doesn’t stop for anybody.

    But don’t all we wish a happy ending for each of us?
    After all at the end we are just stories!


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    Did you feel the happiness? 😀 Did you ever smell a memory?

    Do you write stories?

    Do you write stories?

    Here you own everything that happens to you.
    You, your life, your stories.

    Want to write one?
    So, phrase by phrase.
    Add some rain. And it’s smell.
    Would you mind adding some noise? Some whispers?
    Some glitter of her eyes.

    You like sour? You like sweet?
    So add some lemony tang or a martini twist.
    Some tears. Especially the salty ones!
    Some broken strands of hair.
    That time in your mother’s lap! ❤
    Never ending hugs. Or that gentle kiss?

    Won’t you write about those giggles? That laughter.
    All that wait and longing.
    Some love. Some emptiness?

    People, places and memories. Remember some?
    Were there any worth writing for?
    What were the best things that happened to you in your journey?
    And don’t forget write about how it started.

    All it needs to wait and see how the story ends.
    Or may be it’s not about the ending.
    Happy, or sad.
    May be it’s about the story. 

    After all at the end, we all are just stories.


    Do write one. Start today 🙂 In other words I mean, life is short and is meant for living, live it to the fullest. Gather as much memories you can and create a beautiful tale. Do share if you like! and follow the blog for more posts, plus check previous ones, you gonna like them.