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Do you love rains too?

​Yes, you love rains.

From the very first spell of rain, when the drizzle wets the mud, and the scent it leaves just soothes your soul and takes away the summer pain.

To the days when it’s raining well enough, and the sun itself is blushing, and you can feel the wind blowing the song of rain.

To the days when it’s pouring heavy and you finally want to look for your umbrella placed somewhere in your room and you feel the need for the weather to calm down again.

See, how well I know your love for rains.


A traveler’s muse

In city, my heart was spread so thin that I wasn’t feeling much of anything.
But there on the cliffs, I realized I was near the end.
My heart swelled and then hurt.

A traveler.
Another city.
A fresh chapter begins.
A new community ebbs and flows around.

It’s people.
Their dreams. And hopes.
The strains of Mozart’s music swim in the air,
Gliding through countryside’s many cafes,
Glistening shores where children play,
Cobbled streets, merging with the silhouette of the 0ld fort.

Time rolls.

Then the new friend became a speck on horizon,
The traveler felt a familiar sadness.

Not a story of enemies.
Not a story of friends.
Just a story of strangers, with some memories.

You know a time when you seek happiness, truth?

Not because you’re lost.
But you’re closer to where you’re meant to be.
That time, you’ll be, your own sun.
You’ll know that you’re made up of sunlight, thunder and fireworks.

No matter how far you travel, you can never run away from home.

You’ve got — roots of innovation and wings of imagination!
Let them grow.

“This is a not-so-obligatory present, wrapped up in 500 words.”
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Have you heard a truth purer than this?

No fancy musings, but wrote a prayer for the soul this time, rantings of this soul-cafe :

Little rain-drops fall and wrinkle the sea,
They vanish, and die utterly.
One would never know that it rained,
If the whirls didn’t whisper their arrival on the face of sea.

Souls dive down and wrinkle life,
Whence they vanish to the infinity.
One might never know that the souls descend,
If the face of life didn’t unveil wrinkles on its face

Remember a soul never ages, it only grows, wiser each day.
For the those who age are the ones who die.
And souls are not meant for it.
After all the dusk knew what the dawn never expected.

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Last Christmas

Last Christmas,
When you rambled through my mind,
You left imprints on my soul.
You bruised your knee, climbing through the fence.

The gate was open.
The bells ringed the hymns of heaven.
And you wanted to leave flowers by the door.
And your light lanterned through my spine.
Left glowing hair.

Your spring bouquet was in bits
And scattered across the neighbour’s yard.
And then the colours of winters abducted my vision.
The sweet smell of the snow fall,
Cleared my crowded mind.
Coloured leaves crackled below my glistening path
The crisp air and warm shadows,
Wrapping it’s breathe around,
Captivated my senses again and again.

I baked you a cake.
With the scintillating almonds.
And the juicy orange pellets.
And the strawberry crumbs.
And the left over from pudding,
I had last night.

“You asked, is there enough in my garden for you?”
Or I should fill you along, for which I longed for forever?

Within me, you are tangled
As the butterfly, entangled within the cocoon.
As the roots, stay close to moist mud.
As the sun, basking in the moonlight. 

A rainstorm. I was scared.
I was scared that I would lose all the rain, that I carried.
All the rain that did exist. Or may be not.

But the scent it left thereafter.
I realized I had it all. In me. The clouds.
The ones who could not stand,
Being away from the earth any longer, poured down.

To feel the mud once again.
Because they were too tired to float.

The rain orchestered through the winds.
We danced all night. 
Swam in the sea, holding hands up to the sky.

And I paused, and believed you would too.
And you did.
All was calm.
All was bright.


After all no one’s never too old for fairy tales.
This christmas has been more than special. I’ll share the story soon.
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