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A traveler’s muse

In city, my heart was spread so thin that I wasn’t feeling much of anything.
But there on the cliffs, I realized I was near the end.
My heart swelled and then hurt.

A traveler.
Another city.
A fresh chapter begins.
A new community ebbs and flows around.

It’s people.
Their dreams. And hopes.
The strains of Mozart’s music swim in the air,
Gliding through countryside’s many cafes,
Glistening shores where children play,
Cobbled streets, merging with the silhouette of the 0ld fort.

Time rolls.

Then the new friend became a speck on horizon,
The traveler felt a familiar sadness.

Not a story of enemies.
Not a story of friends.
Just a story of strangers, with some memories.

You know a time when you seek happiness, truth?

Not because you’re lost.
But you’re closer to where you’re meant to be.
That time, you’ll be, your own sun.
You’ll know that you’re made up of sunlight, thunder and fireworks.

No matter how far you travel, you can never run away from home.

You’ve got — roots of innovation and wings of imagination!
Let them grow.

“This is a not-so-obligatory present, wrapped up in 500 words.”
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Don’t you travel?

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Wrote a little folks, hope you like it.

Travel far enough.
Not to find yourself. but to remember who you’ve been all along.

Don’t you travel?
We all do.
To soothe the longing ache,
Of your never ending wanderlust.

To discover infinite paths
Which has no leaps and bounds

Day after day, day after day,
To cross seas and rivers
To see the majestic ocean,
Lying idle on the face of earth,
As if admiring the sky.

We bump each other.
Cross paths,
Heading to the same place,
But taking different routes.

I’m not perfect for your journey,
And you’re not perfect for mine,
But  you’re perfect for your journey,
And I’m perfect for mine.

All things both great and small;
To witness.
My destination is a place might be,
But absolutely a new way of seeing things.

May be the end doesn’t matter.
May be the journey matters most.

May be the places doesn’t matter,
May be whom you travel with matters.

So, every day is a journey filled with twists and turns.
Every day, if you smile, you will feel alive!

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What relates Shopping and Life Goals?



Life’s  good. Has been always comfortably great.
Life’s messed up. Has been always systematically chaotic.

I have a busy life. It’s like a booby trap, work, work and work.

We all go through such emotions.  It’s natural unless one feel like the Albert Einstein who says If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. But it’s natural for us to tie emotionally and obviously ourselves and our lives with the people and the circumstances around.

When it comes to shopping, I hear people say big fat quotes, Shopping is my drug! Shopping is my cardio! Shopaholics tend to say that. I differ.
Just tell me who doesn’t like shopping stuff, all you need is to be filthily rich to spend dollars without looking at the price-tag or brands or the variety of colors and  beauty!
Ah it just takes my breathe away. So, tell me who doesn’t like shopping!


And another point to be noted, when one is fat or not attractive enough to oneself, when one has got faults, then what? Would you enjoy shopping? Looking at the mannequins clad up in perfect dresses in their perfect waistline. And you end up rather upset at your shopping spree!

A friend of mine says A thick wallet and a thin waist, all you need for shopping! Voila I couldn’t agree less.

Money matters. Yes it does. In this world glittering with beauty, it does matter. People say money can’t buy happiness, those dumbos don’t  know where to shop. After all who doesn’t want to be happy. That’s the real life goal of each one of us undoubtedly.

I know, I know I am wrong, I know where to find happiness. Happiness lies in friendship, Happiness lies in sharing smiles! OMG I’m getting tears of happiness remembering all those beautiful times I’ve spent with my loved ones.

But when it comes to shopping I can’t be less annoyed because the day reminds me again of me being fat, me being with so many faults!

The movie, The Great Gatsby, Gatsby could buy anything in this world, but could he buy happiness? Never.
On the hand in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, he had nothing but he had all. Happiness. Passion. To know himself. To find himself.

So, what are life goals? My mother says, life should be as if you should be satisfied and have no want of anything. I don’t know whether I’m able to put her thoughts in the right way.
I feel when I see myself telling my mother,honestly that I DID IT, that would be the best day of my life.

After this realization over shopping, I’ve come to a conclusion that what should be one’s life’s goal, say where do you see yourself five years down the line, I say like umm not looking at the price-tag while shopping. Ultimate goal, I must say. LOL.

Well, I don’t know where to shop life goals but I can certainly say what you must do! The ABC to SUCCESS. Coming soon in my next blog-post 🙂

Stay Awesome!

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