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Why you don’t have to be sad anymore

I messaged one of my best friends on WhatsApp, Hey! Good morning… How are you.. And then she says she’s fine but couldn’t sleep well last night because of an urgent project delivery. Then I speak about how I woke up late, missed gym and skipped breakfast. We rant about how boring, hectic, and difficult our lives are.

Then our conversation takes a positive turn when we hope that everything will be alright, let’s just work hard and meet someday on weekend. And said goodbye.

But deep inside we both are really sad. We are waiting for something extraordinary happen to our lives.

Why are we sad, there’s no specific reason.. Just a perpetual gloom.

I realise, it’s just our attitude which makes us feel so. It’s our mind which is over thinking, nothing else. Our life is one of the most fortunate ones.

My mind doesn’t agree yet. Let me list down the positives and negatives.

  1. We have a family which cares for us every single day.
  2. We have a mother who gets up before us every day, prepares food and leaves for work.
  3. We have a father who is often working off station but never misses a day when he asks if we reached home safe.
  4. We have our grandparents who love us unconditionally.
  5. We have loving siblings, cousins, and friends who make our life worth living.
  6. We have good health, sound body.
  7. We have been well educated
  8. We have a stable job.
  9. We live in a good city, with all facilities.
  10. We are just 22. We are young and yet to discover many opportunities waiting for us. 
  11. We have time, energy and freedom.

You might also have a special someone who cares a little extra for you 😛 If you don’t, you’ll find one day.

    Ah, I think, I could go on and on. I’ve been such a fool. I’ve got everything.

    Now, I was in metro train, going to office in the morning. I saw a woman, in late 20s. She had only two fingers in her each hand and feet. And still she was happy. It seemed like she was going to office too. And this gave me all courage to write this article and remember this day forever.

    It is true. Our generation is blessed with all conveniences. Our parents and grandparents worked through hardships back then. To us, everything is available so easily. 

    All we need to do is focus and be determined for our goal.

    Now I promise, everyday I will thank God for this beautiful life and my family. You should too.

    Don’t be sad unnecessarily. Be happy. Be normal. Be motivated. Life will come to you on its own.

    I will share following mantra:

    • Don’t think about negatives, only positives
    • Be thankful for everything
    • Utilise your time, never stop learning
    • Value people in your life, you don’t know when one leaves
    • Trust God, trust yourself
    • Have patience and work for the best

    Your life is already good. You are alive. You are blessed. Have a great day sunshine!


    Stairs to the moon

    When you help them build stairs to the moon,
    And you think you all are going together and reach up soon.
    But you forget one important thing,
    The wooden staircase could take only one person at a time.

    So they climb up, leaving you behind.

    You thought we’ll all stand together, once we reach.
    But a lesson did they teach?

    But momma said always help people, be kind and generous,
    Don’t say I, but worry about the  ‘Us’.
    But momma didn’t know that people no longer care,
    They get what what they want, and do not do fair.
    They forget your help or the days they needed you,
    The one who made the stairs and was left behind by you.

    I laugh in despair, that momma when they had reached up,
    At least they didn’t break the stairs,
    I should have believed they never cared.

    But momma you never told me that I had to be little selfish,
    All I did was share and share until things got finished.

    I should have kept some things for myself in this world,
    Days after days things got more swirled.
    I got infuriated by all this muddle,
    I was left alone, with no one to cuddle.

    I cried, I shouted, I screamed.
    For God, what bad have I done,
    that I could not get to my dream.

    I vowed to not help people anymore,
    Not be kind or generous, or helping a sore.
    I saw the world through a broken glass,
    I was drawing myself away from the mean class.

    But deep in my heart, I believed,
    That the one who’s the strongest, and kindest,
    Then success, happiness all you achieve!
    I knew how to build those stairs, so I did it again,
    I learnt from experience, I grew from that pain.

    I reached even higher than they can imagine ever,
    And they were back in news telling me clever.
    Oh fools, I thought, what have you done,
    You never knew there’s a difference between a planet and the sun!

    But one thing all we must learn from now,
    Look for real people, because it’s a fake town.
    Share only with those who’re worthy of that gift,
    The people, who are there and never split.

    And you need to give yourself, is your help first,
    So that you climb up the moon, with the stairs you trust.

    Be kind, sincere and fearless,
    Because you’re special, and you’re no less!


    Hey guys, I’ve written this poem on my personal experience, it’s straight from the heart, and it’s my present story, if you liked it,share and help spread the word, thanks!

    Is there a geek in you?

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by!
    ~The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost
    This is perhaps one of the favorite quote of mine. I just felt like sharing.So coming to the topic, is there any geek in you?
    Wait do you know exactly who is a geek like? Let me open the dictionary of geeks and extrapolate!

    1. 1.
      an unfashionable or socially inept person.
    1. 1.

      engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.

      Now Google says this. Not all exciting! If someone actually a geek would also disagree. :/
      Historically, a geek was a circus person in the sideshow who performed some bizarre feat.

      <But the good news is>

      Lately I’ve been in and around geeks! {Writing this adds a smile on my face :P}
      Geeks are genuine individuals who have an open heart for learning and they are just glued to whatever they’re passionate about! They are not procrastinators or those who waste their time in thinking and not doing!

      I would say, geek is someone who is totally passionate about technology and how it comes alive.
      A geek will not only know about all the cool tech-stuff but dig in more. I mean a geeky guy will not only play games but also create one!

      So geeks are the ones who are analytical and good at understanding stuff, and that too related to technology, which doesn’t click in an ordinary’s mind. So does this mean geeks are extraordinary?
      That’s the word extra, just this word makes you different than a geek!

      There’s a geek in each one of us. Rule of thumb. Like I always say, there’s a poet in each one of us, a geek is also hidden. Came across these little kids doing some cool geeky stuff, I was bewildered, how do they do it!?
      Have  a look!  This kids at Camp-K12 are doing wonders! They are learning technology — the closest thing to magic in 21st century! Agree?

      Kids can learn to code. kids can learn to make android games. Kids can do nearly professional graphic designing!
      Let me take you to the Facebook link. Here.

      Are you surprised? Even I was! I wish I was in 2nd standard at present and had a chance to do these cool things at Camp-K12. Don’t you feel like your childhood missed something, which these kids lucky enough to have.

      I wanna grow up once again! You?

      I’m happy for these kids. There’s a platform to nurture their limitless creativity. Let us too indulge in limitless creativity.
      Think aloud! Think Limitless!

      What’s your pick on this? Let me know.
      And do encourage these kids! they deserve applause!

      Share if you liked it. Follow blog to keep in touch.

    Adapting to change.

    “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

    ~ George Bernard Shaw

    Task management is an art. Believe me, if you are able to manage your tasks well, it would completely change your attitude towards work and would improve your performance for sure. I have been through this phase. It took me time to adopt new strategies and change my way of working.

    Most importantly one needs a reminder system to let oneself know what to do and when. It could be as simple as your diary or a pen. I started with simply jotting down targets for the day.

    Then I heard about task management tools,in fashion these days which people used, for instance Any.doTodoist,or Todoed.

    So,I started with Todoist. It did great help. I could assign myself tasks for the day and at the end of the day I felt more content to see my done list. Then I switched to Todoed. It has been just a few days I have been using this tool and it has helped me amazingly well to manage tasks.

    As we work, we communicate primarily on Facebook and share ideas in our conversations in chats. I appreciate Todoed’s simplicity and it’s most promising feature which let’s me select text from my chats and assign it as a task to myself or my co-workers simply by right-clicking. It has proved certainly better and it’s all the more user-friendly. I have started preparing a daily list of tasks and coordinate the action plan with my co-workers accordingly. I prioritize items on Todoed ,segregating them as urgent or non-urgent.Then I strike-off the completed tasks and add new ones.

    So, what are the advantages to use a to-do list?

    1. It let’s you focus your mind on important objectives
    2. You are less likely to forget tasks you are supposed to do.
    3. Organizes your work in a better manner and keeps your thoughts in order.
    4. Most importantly it saves time and speed.
    5. You are able to prioritize your work.
    6. You are always on track and a record of tasks you have done makes you feel motivated.

    I owe it all to one of my seniors, who recommended me to change my perspective towards work and use Todoed. Yes, it worked for me and I’m in the process to transform my way of working, so can you.