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Do you feel nostalgic sometime?

*Do you feel nostalgic sometime?*

​​There are two kinds of nostalgia.

One feels like it happened just yesterday,

The other feels like it happened ages ago.

And you miss them both.

One is a silent whisper, the other is a loud cry.

One gently pats your back, while you drive along your old school. 

The other hits you hard, while you notice dust on photo frames hanging on walls of your living room.

You give up on one. You hold on to other.

Life is nothing but a honeycomb of old stories, some taste as sweet as nectar while others sting bad as bees.

And you visit them often and miss them both.

And you love them both.


Stairs to the moon

When you help them build stairs to the moon,
And you think you all are going together and reach up soon.
But you forget one important thing,
The wooden staircase could take only one person at a time.

So they climb up, leaving you behind.

You thought we’ll all stand together, once we reach.
But a lesson did they teach?

But momma said always help people, be kind and generous,
Don’t say I, but worry about the  ‘Us’.
But momma didn’t know that people no longer care,
They get what what they want, and do not do fair.
They forget your help or the days they needed you,
The one who made the stairs and was left behind by you.

I laugh in despair, that momma when they had reached up,
At least they didn’t break the stairs,
I should have believed they never cared.

But momma you never told me that I had to be little selfish,
All I did was share and share until things got finished.

I should have kept some things for myself in this world,
Days after days things got more swirled.
I got infuriated by all this muddle,
I was left alone, with no one to cuddle.

I cried, I shouted, I screamed.
For God, what bad have I done,
that I could not get to my dream.

I vowed to not help people anymore,
Not be kind or generous, or helping a sore.
I saw the world through a broken glass,
I was drawing myself away from the mean class.

But deep in my heart, I believed,
That the one who’s the strongest, and kindest,
Then success, happiness all you achieve!
I knew how to build those stairs, so I did it again,
I learnt from experience, I grew from that pain.

I reached even higher than they can imagine ever,
And they were back in news telling me clever.
Oh fools, I thought, what have you done,
You never knew there’s a difference between a planet and the sun!

But one thing all we must learn from now,
Look for real people, because it’s a fake town.
Share only with those who’re worthy of that gift,
The people, who are there and never split.

And you need to give yourself, is your help first,
So that you climb up the moon, with the stairs you trust.

Be kind, sincere and fearless,
Because you’re special, and you’re no less!


Hey guys, I’ve written this poem on my personal experience, it’s straight from the heart, and it’s my present story, if you liked it,share and help spread the word, thanks!

Did you ever smell a memory? Well, I did.

Did you ever smell a memory?

Like when someone passes by
Or a gush of wind hits your face
Like when someone hits the right chord right there
Or an old song that you hear by the radio.

Like when someone brews the morning coffee
Or the sound of the leaves flowing through the gusty wind.
Like when someone opens your inner closet
Or you go through the pages of a really old novel

And the scent it left just reminds you
of something.

People, places and memories.
You can’t even remember now.
Somehow it makes you so happy
Somehow it makes you feel connected
Somehow it ushers a new you in you.
A smile.

Next thing you know,
You’ve been searching your mind palace
Opening doors of past,
Peeping through each of those windows.
Trying to find that specific scent.
Like a whisper among infinite noises!

And sometimes you find that forgotten smell sometimes you don’t.
But you got to live that moment.
Every bit of it, like forever.

That’s called nostalgia friends! A forgotten dream or the first poem you ever loved!

Like and share! 🙂


This time I am here to share with you some emotions through poetry.



It’s been a long while.

The artist has been painting snapshots from life.
To our surprise, the artist is struck somewhere.

“Everyday I get a new response,
A view from another direction.
I don’t know it’s your mind, soul, heart or you itself.”

It’s changing like seasons.
Everyday a new color added to the canvas!
This leaves the artist with questions, to which she can’t find answers.

“I keep sketching the portrait, started a year ago…”, she said.
Haven’t erased a stroke yet, but adding fresh ones.
Searching for coherency, searching for that familiar face.

The hues are scattered, the corona is spotless.
The picture seems to be muddled in itself.

“Why do you do this!?
Can’t it be more simple?”

This was a poem depicting emotions of an individual who’s trapped
within his or her conscience between right and wrong.
Then a girl came up, listen to what she felt.

She wanted to speak out loud his name to the mountains and hear it back forever.
At least they would reply her back with the same passion.

Let me narrate her story for you.

The Warrior’s Symphony

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in the countryside,
who had the most winning smile in the entire kingdom.
and the great warrior of warriors, a man.
whose stories of great victories muffled through the kingdom folks.

They past across hundreds of time,
sharing glances or pleasantries.
The girl admired the warrior for his unmatching skills.
For her father was a valiant warrior once.
One day she expressed if she could learn the same.

A season passed, the warrior returned to the land searching for a soldier.
And asked the brave if she wished to learn the art of victory.

She hesitated but it all began.
Now what happened, she sings here aloud.

The warrior taught her to stand alone..
Stand upon the battlefield,
To fight alone,
To face the enemy,
To be her comrade!

Time travels, things change..

“When I listen to his music, it feels like I am listening to my dreams.
Everyday. I wait for you, to come and knock. and teach me the art!
and sit and chat and scribble and laugh and giggle.
To know you it feels I am getting, a glance through myself.
When you go, I feel sheer emptiness.”

This strange feeling she can’t share with him.
When she gets annoyed with everyother person in this world.
Kith and kin can’t unveil her smile.
She makes gestures and faces one couldn’t even imagine.
But as the warrior marks his return from the far far lands..
And look into her eyes, and continue with the lesson,

“All I could do is stand and stare.
Forgetting it all.
I see as you move your sword high.
I see as your lips call my name.”

She learns with heart and is mastering the art!
But this all makes her feel something,
which is still unknown to her and him of course.
To which she has no explanations.
And makes her believe that may be there’s something,
Something he’s missing.

Painting her dreams she worries if he’d shatter them all.
What if he thinks her to be a comrade only.
And she mistook as comrade for life.

She calls his name to the winds,
And feel his presence in the sky.
As they fought together over the moistened mud,
leaving the footprints behind.

A story of living happily ever-after she began to weave,
A story of the mystique village of her dreams.
“I am waiting. And that’s all I could do.”

The warrior princess continues to sing the song and play the notes,
in search of her warrior,
in a hope that someday,
she could find him and never let him go.

She was no longer a little girl heart broken about him,
She was a grown women who smiled at it all,
but they were all wet smiles.

Finally what she realized is worth reading!
Let’s have a glance to her letter to the warrior, her mentor.

She writes,

What occurred to me is beyond your imagination

You have been teaching me the skills a warrior should possess for almost a year or so.
But folks ask me why did you chose him to learn there were many other valiant warriors
who were there to guide you girl! They started making a notion of her getting attached to
the warrior emotionally. Then even I asked myself the most obvious question whether
I like you or not, but I didn’t have an obvious answer to it.
Seasons passed, I ignored these feelings and continued with my training.
One day it again occur to me am I going in the right direction? Isn’t this wrong?

She finally came to a conclusion that Life is about sharing happiness!
She was certainly attached to the warrior but it was a divine belonging, not selfish,
it was a relationship between a teacher and a student. People come across our lives,
some leave footprints forever, they are to be held in awe, respected and treasure them
for being there. We want to see them happy, because there we find happiness, without any reason.

10414590_746963628697862_6838341383888667151_nBe happy like a child, for no reason.
If you have reason, you are in trouble.
Because those reasons could be taken away from you.

On a closing note I would like to say feel free to share your emotions, Life’s all about sharing!