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Skies, sun and you.

​I can see the sun you carry in your pocket for me. You try to hide it for a time, but it peeps back and lights my entire world. 

And our limitless love, shines across the million skies and calls for me.

Here I come, spiraling through the shadows, to clasp the beam of your soul. And then we dive together into the infinity of dreams and cosmos. 

Sunsets. Eclipses.

Endings can be beautiful too.


A traveler’s muse

In city, my heart was spread so thin that I wasn’t feeling much of anything.
But there on the cliffs, I realized I was near the end.
My heart swelled and then hurt.

A traveler.
Another city.
A fresh chapter begins.
A new community ebbs and flows around.

It’s people.
Their dreams. And hopes.
The strains of Mozart’s music swim in the air,
Gliding through countryside’s many cafes,
Glistening shores where children play,
Cobbled streets, merging with the silhouette of the 0ld fort.

Time rolls.

Then the new friend became a speck on horizon,
The traveler felt a familiar sadness.

Not a story of enemies.
Not a story of friends.
Just a story of strangers, with some memories.

You know a time when you seek happiness, truth?

Not because you’re lost.
But you’re closer to where you’re meant to be.
That time, you’ll be, your own sun.
You’ll know that you’re made up of sunlight, thunder and fireworks.

No matter how far you travel, you can never run away from home.

You’ve got — roots of innovation and wings of imagination!
Let them grow.

“This is a not-so-obligatory present, wrapped up in 500 words.”
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Are you ready for a fresh start?

“I don’t know where to start.”
“One who chooses the beginning of the road chooses the place it leads to.”

No matter how many losing seasons you might have had in the past,
the good thing is that all teams get a fresh start once summer starts.
Remember your future begins today!

Beginnings could happen more than once or in different ways.
You could think you were starting something afresh, when actually,
what you were doing was carrying on as before. He had faced his shortcomings,
and overcome them and so the real business of walking was happening only now.

I mean there might be a day when you’ll think, Ah! I wish I could have started this much before!
Doesn’t that happen? It does. Always.
So, always drop the thinking, and ACT.

I, along with my friends are working on this project called Startup-Café, well that’s what it is called for now.
We are beginning today with a hope to see more freshers pursuing entrepreneurship every year,
and connecting them with real time entrepreneurial minds as mentors through live portal.

Basically, celebrating ventures from the students of Indian Universities globally!
And our website is coming soon and we are pretty excited about it.
After all, entrepreneurship is all about risking it all, and starting afresh,
where each day is new with no mistakes or worries, just opportunities!

So, have a passion, fight for your dreams and achieve it.
Have a never declining attitude towards life that let’s do it and let’s see what happens.

“You can dance in the storm.
Don’t wait for the rain to be over before because it might take too long.
You can can do it now.  Wherever you are, right now,
you can start, right now; this very moment.”
Israelmore Ayivor

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P.S.- If you liked the story do visit Startup-Cafe.

Let’s talk #1

I attended a conference today on public speaking by Mr. P, I was so motivated by it that I came to a conclusion. Have a read.

What do you want to become? What is your dream? How do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Big questions. Aren’t these? Yes absolutely!

So let’s talk. Let’s talk about dreams, aspirations, hopes.
These are complicated and yet fascinating questions. But have you really thought about it ever?
What if one doesn’t know what’s his or her dream? Is his life finished?

No. If one doesn’t where to go, you’ll eventually reach the place you want to be. Because things will move in right order themselves. But how? There’s a simple answer. Because you know what not to do. Thus you won’t waste time unnecessarily. All you need is to dream big, continuously thrive for change and creativity in anything and everything you do. Keeping up the passion towards work and life and maintaining balance between the two is important.

Just trust the process.
Once you board the right bus at the right time and sit in  the right seats you’ll end up at the right destination. It’s not when you’ll choose but not choose the wrong ones and be left with the right one.

So don’t choose but reject the wrong ones. Someone is always there to help you, and that’s you yourself. Got it? In this process, one day you’ll end up where you are meant to be.

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The Shortest Story

The Shortest Story

For the days in doubts and fear.
For the moments of no you and me.
For the nights of lost handkerchiefs.
For the season to get drenched or blown away.
For the time when you can’t remember,
For how hard you may try.

Take a minute and believe.

For life is a blessing.
Smile your worries away.
If you believe, you’ll find there’s a purpose,
And that purpose is you!

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Did you ever smell a memory?

Did you ever smell a memory?

Like when someone passes by
Or a gush of wind hits your face
Like when someone hits the right chord right there
Or an old song that you hear by the radio.

Like when someone brews the morning coffee
Or the sound of the leaves flowing through the gusty wind.
Like when someone opens your inner closet
Or you go through the pages of a really old novel

And the scent it left just reminds you
of something.

People, places and memories.
You can’t even remember now.
Somehow it makes you so happy
Somehow it makes you feel connected
Somehow it ushers a new you in you.
A smile.

Next thing you know,
You’ve been searching your mind palace
Opening doors of past,
Peeping through each of those windows.
Trying to find that specific scent.
Like a whisper among infinite noises!

And sometimes you find that forgotten smell sometimes you don’t.
But you got to live that moment.
Every bit of it, like forever.

That’s called nostalgia friends! A forgotten dream or the first poem you ever loved!

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How to change one’s perspective towards change?

How to change one’s perspective towards change?

Never stop dreaming.


Have you ever thought of changing your perspective towards life, work, people or change itself? It sounds difficult but it’s really not.
Change is the only constant phenomenon in the universe. Don’t be surprised! Listen to my story how I discovered what I wanted from life at this moment.

I dream.
I wake up.
I dream again.
Countless things I wonder about.
Then come back where it began, I dream,
To choose.
To change.
To imagine.
To believe.
To do something.
To be someone.
To be a part of the spectrum.

And yes, I am not lost.
I am on my way.

Alright! That was a little poetry from my side. Hope you liked it.
I was not much motivated an year back when I couldn’t get into a medical college through the All India examination. Then luckily I got myself admitted into one of the best engineering colleges in India, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology.
And here I realized that I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I meant to be.
Life doesn’t always offer you what you demand from it. It’s complicated. Right?

At present I am volunteering at Preseed , which has indeed rekindled a spark within me. I remember it all started when a senior, Akshay Pruthi approached me with an internship for Todoed. And now the road to learning has just begun.
It’s been an adventure for me, because I m going to places I have never been before, metaphorically. To raise one’s words, not voice and be able communicate ideas, I am learning how to deliver the right message, the right way.

And above all one needs to learn how to have good ways with people.
In short, to be a better human one could relate with.

I’m curious to discover my potentials and explore new avenues.
You too, need to come out of your comfort zones and try new stuff.
I bet you’ll enjoy it. 😉 It’s like we don’t want to hear the truth, and come out of our illusions. But I must remind you that if you are here to change your perspective, then you need to hear the truth.
Look at me, I am just another ordinary person, like you, preparing myself for this extraordinary journey to create myself! So can you. ☺

Be the change you want to see in the world.
~Mahatma Gandhi

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. Go ahead and ask yourself , “Am I going in the right direction?” You are the best person to answer this. Because if you wish to change your perspective, you need to change yourself first. And most important is to know the path you are heading towards.
Keep yourself motivated enough to dream big. You need not worry about the consequences. An effort is all what’s required. ☺


 “You’re a dream. Like everything else.”
~ Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

It’s time.
Whatever I have been through.
Whatever I have learnt.
Everything seems to fade away,
Those childhood years.
Those good old days,
Those innocent faces..
Have now faded away.
Away in a dilemma,
Away leaving a trail of questions behind.
~ Garima Gupta

It was late in the evening. I had done all my jobs for the day.

Sitting on the sofa, I felt relaxed. There was a sudden push. A wave struck on my head with this thought, “Are we living in a dream, all seems to be an illusion.” We think we are the master of all stuff we are going through but the reality is we know nothing. We are learning each day. At the end it depends all on what we choose, living in an illusion or striving in reality.

“One day everything will be well, that is our hope. Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion”

The consequences is what we look after, consequences to our actions. But lately we end up living in an illusion.
Life has a lot to offer. And what it offers at best is a smog over the reality which keeps us thriving on. So, I would rather say, this illusion is healthy.

All it requires is HOPE.