About the Author

Reality is a lovely place, but I won’t live there. 😉



Hi! This is  Garima Gupta.

Pursuing engineering from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, I  am  free thinker, an artist who paints her thoughts and let the world know. Believes in fairy-tales, yet strives in this fast-paced realistic world.

Crazy Weird Unpredictable. An Unquenchable Thirst for #Creativity, A #Design consultant, A strategic #writer, #Startup Enthusiast, Experimenter @ #Marketing #Blogging Love for #Poetry #Art #Music #Writing #Dance #Food.

I am on a journey to explore various arenas and gathering myriad of experiences that can potentially create an impact on this ever-changing world. Motivated for technology innovations coupled with innovative business models. I believe that entrepreneurship is the solution to problems existing in our society.  I like to explore new avenues, meet new people from diverse cultures.
And my new motto for life is ‘You Only Live Once’. So don’t think much and just do it.

Hope you enjoy the visit to my little kid,  ‘SOUL-CAFE’.
And Life Shall Dance Once Again. 🙂

Yep, that’s me. 😀
Connect with me at garimagupta76@gmail.com  or on twitter at @garimagupta95





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