When I Saw You I fell In Love

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. ~ Shakespeare
This season of love, here’s a delightful piece from my collection. Expressed your love to your only valentine? Or still waiting? Anyways hear this.


Petals unfurl, from a delicate flower.
Dew drops crinkle down the leaves.
Dimples on her cheek as she smiles.
As the ballerina dances over the swan song.
Gentle flutter of the butterfly wings.

Magic tumbles upon her pretty lips.
As she laughs in the language of universe.
Stars sighed in unison.

Setting zig-zags among-st the straight lines.
Exclamations in the happiest sentence,
In the story of your life.
The one who is able to hear you when you are quiet.
Listen to your whispers.
Smell your memories at distant.

An invisible thread connects those,
Who are destined to meet,
Regardless of time, place and circumstance.
The thread may stretch and tangle.
But will never break.
When you don’t reach where you intended to,
but where you meant to be.

A forest-bird’s song,
Or the babbling brook.
Or ringing of the church bells.
The echo of my words for you,

Written in clouds by sunrise.
Each hearing to whisper you, I love you.
Over and over again.

When you meet the one,
Who changes the way your heart beats,
Dance with them as long as the song lasts.


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