But I’d said it to you every day,
In ways you never knew.

It poured over the umbrella,
That I held for you in the rain,
Baked in the cake I made you,
Did you hear those four words?
While it breathes when you held my hand,
In the crowd we were lost
When you got the biggest slice,
And when you told me you loved it,
How I baked it for you twice.

It laughs through the walls of your house,
Which we painted when your mum had gone,
It peeps through the assignment I replaced with mine,
When you had not done.
Did you hear those four words?
In all the pretty things,
We saw together.
It was standing in the shade beside us,
When we waited for the bus to come.

And it waited in all the ways that I would miss you,
Every time that you were gone.
I might not have said those four words,
But it speaks through the belief I have, in you.
And actions speak much louder,
Than anything one can say.

So if you’re really tired of waiting.
For those four words to leave my throat.
All I can say is that, it’s really cold outside,
So, don’t forget your coat.
Did you hear those four words?

For love is not in the words. It’s in the wait.

I say, that those three words, are said too much, they’re not enough.
Do share if you liked. Share the post to make your person hear those four words.


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