Do you write stories?

Do you write stories?

Here you own everything that happens to you.
You, your life, your stories.

Want to write one?
So, phrase by phrase.
Add some rain. And it’s smell.
Would you mind adding some noise? Some whispers?
Some glitter of her eyes.

You like sour? You like sweet?
So add some lemony tang or a martini twist.
Some tears. Especially the salty ones!
Some broken strands of hair.
That time in your mother’s lap! ❤
Never ending hugs. Or that gentle kiss?

Won’t you write about those giggles? That laughter.
All that wait and longing.
Some love. Some emptiness?

People, places and memories. Remember some?
Were there any worth writing for?
What were the best things that happened to you in your journey?
And don’t forget write about how it started.

All it needs to wait and see how the story ends.
Or may be it’s not about the ending.
Happy, or sad.
May be it’s about the story. 

After all at the end, we all are just stories.


Do write one. Start today 🙂 In other words I mean, life is short and is meant for living, live it to the fullest. Gather as much memories you can and create a beautiful tale. Do share if you like! and follow the blog for more posts, plus check previous ones, you gonna like them.


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