Wish to change? Why?

We are each thread in the tapestry of life, an instrument in the divine orchestra, a color of the rainbow and the entire spectrum, unique and yet part of the same whole, you are me and I m you! Embrace your uniqueness.

So I saw he was constantly delved into the idea that “People change so do YOU!” That’s not so right. You can’t just change for others.
So, C-H-A-N-G-E This six letter word. They say change is the only constant phenomenon. Right.

Ever wondered what’s common between people, perceptions and priorities? They change. That’s what you’ll hear from everyone out there. But the truth is one doesn’t change, it’s just the mask that falls off. You are perfect as you are. Imperfectly though.
How hard you try to change, you would gravitate back. Why? Because. .. Because it’s meant to be that way. So don’t think much. Don’t think ever to change for someone. You can’t wish to change yourself for people. After all why you are the one who has to change in order to compromise? You want to change? Change for yourself. For the greater good. But not for someone who doesn’t even care about how you are right now. The sole reason for change should be YOU yourself. Only you. Gandhi said, “Be the change, you want to see.” There must be a reason. No?

Seen a butterfly? It is the result of a transformation from the caterpillar. If there were no change in this world., there would be no butterflies. It changes for itself, it’s SOUL. Well well, nature continues to teach us the basics of living!

It all happens as its meant to be. Things go in the right direction. All it requires is to wait and see how the story ends. When its finished. You would notice things weren’t random at all.

Take care. Wanna read more? How to change one’s perception towards change! Like the post? Share it with your loved ones. Let them know you care. And don’t forget to follow to miss any posts. ☺


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