Adapting to change.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

Task management is an art. Believe me, if you are able to manage your tasks well, it would completely change your attitude towards work and would improve your performance for sure. I have been through this phase. It took me time to adopt new strategies and change my way of working.

Most importantly one needs a reminder system to let oneself know what to do and when. It could be as simple as your diary or a pen. I started with simply jotting down targets for the day.

Then I heard about task management tools,in fashion these days which people used, for instance Any.doTodoist,or Todoed.

So,I started with Todoist. It did great help. I could assign myself tasks for the day and at the end of the day I felt more content to see my done list. Then I switched to Todoed. It has been just a few days I have been using this tool and it has helped me amazingly well to manage tasks.

As we work, we communicate primarily on Facebook and share ideas in our conversations in chats. I appreciate Todoed’s simplicity and it’s most promising feature which let’s me select text from my chats and assign it as a task to myself or my co-workers simply by right-clicking. It has proved certainly better and it’s all the more user-friendly. I have started preparing a daily list of tasks and coordinate the action plan with my co-workers accordingly. I prioritize items on Todoed ,segregating them as urgent or non-urgent.Then I strike-off the completed tasks and add new ones.

So, what are the advantages to use a to-do list?

  1. It let’s you focus your mind on important objectives
  2. You are less likely to forget tasks you are supposed to do.
  3. Organizes your work in a better manner and keeps your thoughts in order.
  4. Most importantly it saves time and speed.
  5. You are able to prioritize your work.
  6. You are always on track and a record of tasks you have done makes you feel motivated.

I owe it all to one of my seniors, who recommended me to change my perspective towards work and use Todoed. Yes, it worked for me and I’m in the process to transform my way of working, so can you.



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