This time I am here to share with you some emotions through poetry.



It’s been a long while.

The artist has been painting snapshots from life.
To our surprise, the artist is struck somewhere.

“Everyday I get a new response,
A view from another direction.
I don’t know it’s your mind, soul, heart or you itself.”

It’s changing like seasons.
Everyday a new color added to the canvas!
This leaves the artist with questions, to which she can’t find answers.

“I keep sketching the portrait, started a year ago…”, she said.
Haven’t erased a stroke yet, but adding fresh ones.
Searching for coherency, searching for that familiar face.

The hues are scattered, the corona is spotless.
The picture seems to be muddled in itself.

“Why do you do this!?
Can’t it be more simple?”

This was a poem depicting emotions of an individual who’s trapped
within his or her conscience between right and wrong.
Then a girl came up, listen to what she felt.

She wanted to speak out loud his name to the mountains and hear it back forever.
At least they would reply her back with the same passion.

Let me narrate her story for you.

The Warrior’s Symphony

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in the countryside,
who had the most winning smile in the entire kingdom.
and the great warrior of warriors, a man.
whose stories of great victories muffled through the kingdom folks.

They past across hundreds of time,
sharing glances or pleasantries.
The girl admired the warrior for his unmatching skills.
For her father was a valiant warrior once.
One day she expressed if she could learn the same.

A season passed, the warrior returned to the land searching for a soldier.
And asked the brave if she wished to learn the art of victory.

She hesitated but it all began.
Now what happened, she sings here aloud.

The warrior taught her to stand alone..
Stand upon the battlefield,
To fight alone,
To face the enemy,
To be her comrade!

Time travels, things change..

“When I listen to his music, it feels like I am listening to my dreams.
Everyday. I wait for you, to come and knock. and teach me the art!
and sit and chat and scribble and laugh and giggle.
To know you it feels I am getting, a glance through myself.
When you go, I feel sheer emptiness.”

This strange feeling she can’t share with him.
When she gets annoyed with everyother person in this world.
Kith and kin can’t unveil her smile.
She makes gestures and faces one couldn’t even imagine.
But as the warrior marks his return from the far far lands..
And look into her eyes, and continue with the lesson,

“All I could do is stand and stare.
Forgetting it all.
I see as you move your sword high.
I see as your lips call my name.”

She learns with heart and is mastering the art!
But this all makes her feel something,
which is still unknown to her and him of course.
To which she has no explanations.
And makes her believe that may be there’s something,
Something he’s missing.

Painting her dreams she worries if he’d shatter them all.
What if he thinks her to be a comrade only.
And she mistook as comrade for life.

She calls his name to the winds,
And feel his presence in the sky.
As they fought together over the moistened mud,
leaving the footprints behind.

A story of living happily ever-after she began to weave,
A story of the mystique village of her dreams.
“I am waiting. And that’s all I could do.”

The warrior princess continues to sing the song and play the notes,
in search of her warrior,
in a hope that someday,
she could find him and never let him go.

She was no longer a little girl heart broken about him,
She was a grown women who smiled at it all,
but they were all wet smiles.

Finally what she realized is worth reading!
Let’s have a glance to her letter to the warrior, her mentor.

She writes,

What occurred to me is beyond your imagination

You have been teaching me the skills a warrior should possess for almost a year or so.
But folks ask me why did you chose him to learn there were many other valiant warriors
who were there to guide you girl! They started making a notion of her getting attached to
the warrior emotionally. Then even I asked myself the most obvious question whether
I like you or not, but I didn’t have an obvious answer to it.
Seasons passed, I ignored these feelings and continued with my training.
One day it again occur to me am I going in the right direction? Isn’t this wrong?

She finally came to a conclusion that Life is about sharing happiness!
She was certainly attached to the warrior but it was a divine belonging, not selfish,
it was a relationship between a teacher and a student. People come across our lives,
some leave footprints forever, they are to be held in awe, respected and treasure them
for being there. We want to see them happy, because there we find happiness, without any reason.

10414590_746963628697862_6838341383888667151_nBe happy like a child, for no reason.
If you have reason, you are in trouble.
Because those reasons could be taken away from you.

On a closing note I would like to say feel free to share your emotions, Life’s all about sharing!


How to change one’s perspective towards change?

How to change one’s perspective towards change?

Never stop dreaming.


Have you ever thought of changing your perspective towards life, work, people or change itself? It sounds difficult but it’s really not.
Change is the only constant phenomenon in the universe. Don’t be surprised! Listen to my story how I discovered what I wanted from life at this moment.

I dream.
I wake up.
I dream again.
Countless things I wonder about.
Then come back where it began, I dream,
To choose.
To change.
To imagine.
To believe.
To do something.
To be someone.
To be a part of the spectrum.

And yes, I am not lost.
I am on my way.

Alright! That was a little poetry from my side. Hope you liked it.
I was not much motivated an year back when I couldn’t get into a medical college through the All India examination. Then luckily I got myself admitted into one of the best engineering colleges in India, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology.
And here I realized that I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I meant to be.
Life doesn’t always offer you what you demand from it. It’s complicated. Right?

At present I am volunteering at Preseed , which has indeed rekindled a spark within me. I remember it all started when a senior, Akshay Pruthi approached me with an internship for Todoed. And now the road to learning has just begun.
It’s been an adventure for me, because I m going to places I have never been before, metaphorically. To raise one’s words, not voice and be able communicate ideas, I am learning how to deliver the right message, the right way.

And above all one needs to learn how to have good ways with people.
In short, to be a better human one could relate with.

I’m curious to discover my potentials and explore new avenues.
You too, need to come out of your comfort zones and try new stuff.
I bet you’ll enjoy it. 😉 It’s like we don’t want to hear the truth, and come out of our illusions. But I must remind you that if you are here to change your perspective, then you need to hear the truth.
Look at me, I am just another ordinary person, like you, preparing myself for this extraordinary journey to create myself! So can you. ☺

Be the change you want to see in the world.
~Mahatma Gandhi

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. Go ahead and ask yourself , “Am I going in the right direction?” You are the best person to answer this. Because if you wish to change your perspective, you need to change yourself first. And most important is to know the path you are heading towards.
Keep yourself motivated enough to dream big. You need not worry about the consequences. An effort is all what’s required. ☺

What no one tells you about your mother’s love?

“Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story. Because, hers is where yours begin.”~Mitch Albom

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, piece by piece my mother was being stolen from me. I was thinking to write this post yesterday and show it to my mother as a surprise but I couldn’t even do that. I like to call her ‘maa’, but I hardly do. We never express our love for her. Neither do I. I feel she knows. She knows it all. Anyways here it is. When it comes to understand her love, it’s difficult! really! Let’s figure it out together!

It’s a holiday!, I shouted.
No, come here sit beside me for a while. She said.
I was busy with my summer internship work,sat by the laptop for the entire day. She cared for me. Even today when I am writing this I had to complete a report and didn’t go for dinner. She was the one who was bothered about me from 10 o’ clock itself to come and have dinner. But I didn’t go.Now I feel cruel. I should have gone.

She’s a woman who’ll not only hear, but listen, take your side forever,tell the truth — or not,as her child needs it. A woman you can count on,no matter what happens, and who’ll love you no matter how bad you may make her feel. As she sees you grow, she would bless you every day.  But don’t you think why she’s harsh on the surface? Yes, she’s harsh only on the surface.

“Every tiny detail about her, her flaws, her laughter, her love,everything and anything about her holds a special place for me in the world.”


“God know that a mother need fortitude and courage and tolerance and flexibility and patience and firmness and nearly every other brave aspect of the human soul.” ~Phyllis McGinley

People say mother’s hug- The only drug that works every time, costs nothing and has no side effects. I don’t hug my mother often. She says it looks artificial. I say all other kids do hug their moms, why can’t I . The very moment she hugs me. And that’s the most beautiful moment for me, when I forget everything and get back to those good old days, when we spent a good time together.

“Maybe a mother wasn’t what she seemed to be on the surface.” So, how to get to know her?

Sometimes she’s there to lighten the darkness. At other point of time she’s there to shield when lightning streaks the night and when thunder shakes the earth. She’s there to love, And her love has no beginning or an end.
We  have once shared the same body. Now there’s a part of her in mine and mine in her soul. I know she’s getting old day by day, year by year. But there’s something permanent and inexpressable, about losing her — a wound that will never quite heal. It would be a goodbye to myself. Losing a part of mine.Forever. But a part of her’s would be still there in me, which would keep me alive.

Oh God! bless our mothers, she’s the reason of our very being. To know her just close your eyes and go to the deepest part of your heart and you’ll find the answer.


Adapting to change.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

Task management is an art. Believe me, if you are able to manage your tasks well, it would completely change your attitude towards work and would improve your performance for sure. I have been through this phase. It took me time to adopt new strategies and change my way of working.

Most importantly one needs a reminder system to let oneself know what to do and when. It could be as simple as your diary or a pen. I started with simply jotting down targets for the day.

Then I heard about task management tools,in fashion these days which people used, for instance Any.doTodoist,or Todoed.

So,I started with Todoist. It did great help. I could assign myself tasks for the day and at the end of the day I felt more content to see my done list. Then I switched to Todoed. It has been just a few days I have been using this tool and it has helped me amazingly well to manage tasks.

As we work, we communicate primarily on Facebook and share ideas in our conversations in chats. I appreciate Todoed’s simplicity and it’s most promising feature which let’s me select text from my chats and assign it as a task to myself or my co-workers simply by right-clicking. It has proved certainly better and it’s all the more user-friendly. I have started preparing a daily list of tasks and coordinate the action plan with my co-workers accordingly. I prioritize items on Todoed ,segregating them as urgent or non-urgent.Then I strike-off the completed tasks and add new ones.

So, what are the advantages to use a to-do list?

  1. It let’s you focus your mind on important objectives
  2. You are less likely to forget tasks you are supposed to do.
  3. Organizes your work in a better manner and keeps your thoughts in order.
  4. Most importantly it saves time and speed.
  5. You are able to prioritize your work.
  6. You are always on track and a record of tasks you have done makes you feel motivated.

I owe it all to one of my seniors, who recommended me to change my perspective towards work and use Todoed. Yes, it worked for me and I’m in the process to transform my way of working, so can you.


Yawning connections.

“Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
~Oprah Winfrey

Someone told me do blogging as an when you feel like doing nothing. But I would rather say I write when I feel something, and want to express those feelings. So here am I. Today as  I woke up, a thought struck my mind, who are FRIENDS, what is FRIENDSHIP. Then as strolled through the park, I fabricated the whole idea.

First of all, let’s look at facts. According to Oxford Dictionary we have it as “A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of family relations”. Then they have taken the definition into sub-points as

  • an acquaintance or a stranger one comes across
  • One’s close relatives.
  • A person who supports a cause, organization, or country by giving financial or other help
  • A person who is not an enemy or opponent; an ally
  • familiar or helpful thing
  • A contact on a social networking website

Okay, so a simple word has these complex attributes. Let me explain it my way. If we look on general terms a  friend is someone who is a well-wisher, always there for you, not a friend for mere sake of any benefit. But you’ll hardly find a person with all these attributes. So, we take it okay and are contended with what we have. Let me make a generalized statement for myself, “I am always in good terms with my friends, a healthy relationship.” Yes. I am, because I offer more expect less. But friendship is never like that dear readers. It has to be a two-way channel.

Talking more about the relationships I have. Firstly with my parents. Umm.. no I don’t want to discuss it right now,may be some day later. It’s a little hard to explain here. Let me tell you about some other kinds of friends I have met. It’s been an year, I have left High-school, but I still don’t mind dropping an Hi! to those friends occasionally for their know-how, although I was not in much close to them in school. But I don’t find that kind of enthusiasm from anyone else’s side. I mean they hardly feel the need to reciprocate the exercise I follow.
Ultimately you lose friends when you move over from one place.  You have to move on.

I am telling you by the time one reaches college, if one’s active enough into the varied activities, their college is bustling with, one can make many friends. But again I end up with a question Are those folks really my good  friends I can rely upon wholly ? I really don’t know. Sorry, I do know. They aren’t. Okay forget that. Let’s ponder upon the phrase  Best-friends. I have no idea. I have got none. Don’t be surprised. Yes, I do  have some good  friends but  I still don’t know whether to call them best-friends.

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The truth is one day every individual you call a friend will leave. They can’t be there forever. As time passes, people change and we make new friends. But as I told you about my behavior, I am  a kind of good-girl. Haha, I am serious. I still have room for all those souls I have met in life, I remember the memories with them, I try to keep in touch and that’s enough for me. I consider every other soul I pass by as a friend, classmates, elders, relatives, teachers, seniors, neighbors, co-workers. Anyone. There’s an old couple who live near by. They are very sweet. I love to hear their stories, about their children and grandchildren. May be I can call them friends too.

I don’t express everything to someone I would like being friends with but at the moment is not a friend. I rather prefer to listen. My friends, all what I have, say that’s where I lag behind. I should speak more to people. I do speak but I want them to first listen, listen to the voice of soul, what I want to tell them.I might not say a thousand words. But I would make you feel even littlest of thoughts and I wish you to reciprocate the same. If you can,then you are connection. If you can’t, then I can’t help it.

Remember, there’s always a reason when you meet people, may be you find your new connections or discover the best ones. Eventually one and all of your relationships will fall into yawing connections. So never  forget the yawning ones, because one day they were the best you had.




 “You’re a dream. Like everything else.”
~ Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

It’s time.
Whatever I have been through.
Whatever I have learnt.
Everything seems to fade away,
Those childhood years.
Those good old days,
Those innocent faces..
Have now faded away.
Away in a dilemma,
Away leaving a trail of questions behind.
~ Garima Gupta

It was late in the evening. I had done all my jobs for the day.

Sitting on the sofa, I felt relaxed. There was a sudden push. A wave struck on my head with this thought, “Are we living in a dream, all seems to be an illusion.” We think we are the master of all stuff we are going through but the reality is we know nothing. We are learning each day. At the end it depends all on what we choose, living in an illusion or striving in reality.

“One day everything will be well, that is our hope. Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion”

The consequences is what we look after, consequences to our actions. But lately we end up living in an illusion.
Life has a lot to offer. And what it offers at best is a smog over the reality which keeps us thriving on. So, I would rather say, this illusion is healthy.

All it requires is HOPE.