Hail the master of all!

“Time and tide waits for none.”

Someone remarked so stoically over a truth of life.

Indeed time is the master of all and servant of none. One who masters the art of managing time the right way succeeds in life.It is the most powerful resource for mankind.  Over the ages humans have evolved an habit of ruining time, being unaware of it’s worth.

Imagine you are struck at a lost island or put it another way that you are lost in nowhere on an island. Both are dangerous. Dark forest, deep oceans, you are  struck at a land of the wild. Then what’s the step to rescue and save oneself. Firstly examine over the resources you have, because the most crucial thing at that time is survival.

Okay, so not beating round the bush I come to a conclusion that TIME is the only resource you can rely upon and could possibly hurry through and help yourself to get out of there.

Period. Come back to your room where you are warming yourselves in cozy couches.Now get up you lazy bee and go manage your time well. Or later if you are not apt at this art you might fail in the game of SURVIVAL.




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